Podcasts & Videos

Watch this space for podcasts and videos of the presentations at Coastal Nature, Coastal Culture. Orlando Montoya of Savannah Podcasts will roll out podcasts of symposium lectures throughout 2016.


Max Edelson

Visualizing the Southern Frontier: Cartography and Colonization in Eighteenth-Century Georgia.

Chris Managaniello

The Gold Standard: Sunbelt Environmentalism and Coastal Protection.

Mark Stewart

Islands, Edges, Globe: Environment and Culture on the Georgia Coast.

William Boyd

Water is for Fighting Over: Papermaking and the Struggle over Groundwater Use in Coastal Gerogia, 1930s – 2000s

Tiya Miles

The Ghosts of Dunbar Creek: Slave Narratives, Dark Tourism, and the Meaning of Water

Drew Swanson

Coastal Edens: Imagining Lowcountry Plantation Environments from Both Sides of the Civil War

Buddy Sullivan

The First Conservationists? Northern Money and Lowcountry Georgia, 1866-1930

David Hurst Thomas

Five Millennia of Human History on the Georgia Sea Islands: Unique in the World.

Panel Q & A

Albert Way

Longleaf Pine, From Plank to Pulp: Production and Consumption on Georgia’s Coastal Plain, 1870-1930

Janisse Ray

The Majestic Scene East-ward”: Discovering a Sense of Place in the Literature of the Georgia Coast

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